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1h 15m of video lessons (6 lessons)
Educational content to apply real product marketing strategy for SaaS and tech businesses
Real-world examples to illustrate how high-tech strategy works
How to use the Low-Risk Recipe™ to build a low-risk perception offering. Our proprietary framework to reduce sales cycles and create an enduring competitive advantage.
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Growth "Hacks" to throw your time away
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Short-term tactical advice that won't help you grow sustainably
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Short-cuts to make you rich
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Ways to waste your money with BS marketing
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Stuff that hasn't been tested in real high-tech businesses
Product Marketing Strategy for SaaS & Tech

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Delivered in short videos!
5 things you don't know about tech markets (12')
Why you should stop building core features immediately (12')
Your hardest decision to win: focus (13')
“Market leadership” positioning: your best bet to scale (13')
4 key questions to accelerate the time to scale (10')
Boosting your market influence and reach (13')

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Why I'm spending time on this?

I've mentored +100 early-stage founders.

I've founded a prop-tech startup that is leading a new market category creation.

I've been 6 years leading strategy and sales teams in the USA and Europe at B2B software corporations, advising the business owners.

I've failed with 2 entrepreneurial initiatives.

Throughout my professional career, I've observed that strategy is absolutely underrated by most founders, CEOs, CMOs, and business owners.

I've learned that, generally speaking, terms like marketing or growth strategy are quite confused or misleading.

Most of the resources we can find about marketing or growth are about "growth hacks" and short-term tactics.

I don't see that much resources about psychographics, the predictable evolution of high-tech markets, or strategy to accelerate growth (or relaunch sales) and find breakthrough growth.

Who cares when you can just do some FB ads or ABM marketing, A/B test copy, and rocket sky your growth? Bullshit.

Same about product marketing. Almost everything I read is about building more features and competing in innovation speed.

Who cares about creating sustainable advantage when you can keep developing features for your early-adopters? Bullshit.

Turns out that I've a healthy (I think) obsession with marketing and strategy. So I've decided to educate and spread the voice on strategy that works for tech businesses.

This 1 hour and 15 miuntes of videos will help you learn real marketing strategy based on human psychology as the foundations to build your product marketing strategy plan, accelerate your revenue growth and build competitive advantage.

All you'll learn was born more than 50 years ago with The Diffusion Of Innovations and refined by top marketing consultants for high-tech, like my partner Warren Schirtzinger.

And I'll try to make it easy to understand with real-world SaaS examples. If I don't make it, please let me know.

I hope to convince you to spend more time and money on building and executing your product marketing strategy, and prevent you from throwing away your budget with unfocused tactics.

Learn product marketing strategy to accelerate growth